We R just getting started


This was a good way to get an introduction to R. The site was intuitive and useful, and had plenty of pirate references. It reminded me of when I used code-academy to learn Python and it was full of Monty Python references.

As someone who has a programming background, some of the common terms like variables and arrays I already knew, though the syntax was different. Declaring variables in everything else I’ve used you use an ‘=’ but here you use an arrow or “<-“. You don’t have to declare a datatype either, kind of like Python actually.

So my new knowledge was basically the data analytical/analysis terminology and the methods for them. This also included graphing and displaying such data in a variety of ways. Although I don’t completely understand or know all the theory behind it at this point, I hope to still make a good attempt of analyzing data sets, and the Try R site, which is free to sign up for and use, is a good place to start. I might even redo it some time.

In my next blogs I hope to begin to use this knowledge in R Studio in combination with Google Fusion tables and data I have collected.

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